Get fat with us
We're a hands-on branding- and design studio based in Copenhagen. Our mission is to bring life to brands through unique ideas and remarkable design. Working together with a broad team of collaborators that we tailor-match for each project.
Straight talk and good vibes
We are all about helping our clients reach their individual goals. We question, we challenge, we experiment - all to make the best possible results. Every project we take in, is approached with passion, expertise and 100% effort. We believe that good communication and clarity is key and we aim to make things the best they can be (yea that rhymed 🤜🤛). We like to keep things interesting, and are constantly looking for ways to experiment and push boundaries.
We are always looking to meet people with passion and drive. If you share this creative enthusiasm holla at us and lets see how we can collaborate.
How we roll
We talk, research and dig deep to find our clients real needs. Together with you, we find the right strategy and from there we suggest, what we believe, is the best solution. Some of which might fall outside the expected.
From there on out we throw in our magic. You can expect to be a part of the process, unless you absolutely don't want to be. We work closely with a broad group of creatives, that we tailer-match for each project if we need extra hands.
We see our clients and affiliates more like friends. As friends, we aim to be fully transparent and honest and we hope to get the same from you 💖.
Westend 22
1661 Copenhagen V Denmark